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Transform Your Health and Fitness Journey: Say Goodbye to Big Box Gyms and Hello to Personalized Training

You're eager to shed some pounds and wave goodbye to those bothersome aches and pains, but the idea of risking injury at the gym is holding you back. Just thought of hitting the local gym triggers anxity.

Even though you know you should start a fitness routine, it's tough to stay motivated, and you always seem to end up injured or with disappointing results.

If this sounds like your struggle, it's not your fault. You just haven't found a program that's tailored precisely to your needs

When you train with us you will:

  • Experience a judgment-free environment where you're always welcomed.
  • Have a program designed specifically for your needs.
  • Feel welcomed into our fitness family from day one.
  • Receive thorough support from our dedicated team.
  • Stay accountable to yourself and your aspirations.
  • Achieve the results you've been longing for at last!

So, if you want to go from intimidated and unsure about what to do in the gym to feeling strong, capable, and free of those nagging aches and pains, click the "Get Started Now" button to enroll in our 28 Day KickStart Program

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What To Expect with Private Training
  • Individuals seeking a more private exercise environment.
  • Those with previous injuries or chronic pain requiring dedicated coach attention.
  • Beginners looking to ease into their fitness journey with personalized support.

  • Maintain a consistent workout routine of 2-3 sessions per week.
  • Master proper exercise techniques to enhance your well-being.
  • Experience a 50% reduction in pain within the initial month.
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How is personal training with MOTIVFIT different than training at my gym?

Personal training at MOTIVFIT’s private boutique studio isn’t like those big, crowded gyms where you can feel lost in the shuffle of a younger demographic. Here, you get a personalized experience with workouts tailored specifically to you. The private environment allows for individual attention from your trainer in a supportive atmosphere that allows you to focus on your training, which means better results and a more enjoyable fitness journey.

Do you only work with people over 40?
While we specialize in helping women over 40 to move better and feel great, we’ve been at this for over 20 years and we have also helped people as young as 7 and over 80. Everyone we work with has a common goal: they want to feel and perform at their best. They know staying healthy takes effort, and they're ready to invest in it for an active, pain-free life.
I'm worried I'm not in good enough shape to get started.
This is not a one size fits all approach. Everybody has different needs -- that’s why we customize every program for every member. The reason that you are not in good enough shape is because most programs are designed to fail. It’s time you discovered a program that you will actually be able to stick with!
Do I Have To Count Calories And Weigh Food With You?

Not necessarily. Our programs help you better understand food in relation to the nutrient needs of your body so you can make sound decisions about how much you eat and when.

What sets your training approach apart?

At MOTIVFIT, we understand your unique needs. With decades of experience, we’ve worked with a wide range of clients including professional athletes and individuals facing medical challenges or physical limitations. We stay updated on the latest research and invest in continuing education to ensure personalized care backed by science.

We prioritize a progressive and holistic approach to fitness, emphasizing not only physical strength but also mental well-being, nutrition, and sustainable lifestyle changes for long-term success. Our dedication lies in crafting safe, effective programs tailored precisely to your goals. Trust in our proven track record – explore our client success stories for reassurance!

I have a past injury and some restrictions.  Will this work for me?

Most of our clients come to us with some sort of past injury or nagging pain that has never resolved. This is not a problem! With our customized workout, we will work with you and help you to not just “work around” your pain... we can help you strengthen weak areas, improve mobility, and prevent further injuries. We will actually help you feel better!

How Long Will It Take Before I Start To Lose Weight?

If you’re hoping to lose weight quickly, this may not be the program for you. Our goal for clients is not to get smaller—it’s to feel more energized, healthy, and confident in your own skin. Losing weight is often a secondary outcome that happens after you do the deep work of redefining your relationship with food and your body.

You will start to notice a difference in your mood, energy levels, digestion, skin, hair, and more throughout your coaching experience. These changes usually happen after a few weeks and continue to become more noticeable as you stick with your program.

What our customers are saying...
"I feel great! This has been a great program and i have definitely seen results. MY running has gotten better and i have beaten a 3 yr old record on my 10k race that I had on Saturday. I can't tell you how that record has eluded me for years. This has been a great experience. Thanks Carrie for the program! It has been a great experience for me!"
Ava K
Diana, a busy mom, wife, and business owner lost over 18 lbs, 9 1/2 inches and 6% body fat in 6 weeks. This is an awesome coaching experience with a great support team. I have never had such great results!  Carrie's knowledge in nutrition and exercise took me to a new level of health! She helped me change my metabolism and feel better and look better than I ever have in my life.
Diana S.
Since COVID19 lock downs began, Connie has lost over 40 lbs.  "I was hesitant about doing online personal training.  Carrie is a wonderful trainer and it's almost like being there with her. She takes your form seriously and offers corrections.  Carrie actually watches your form as you perform the exercises and  cheers you on!"
Connie K.
Are you ready to kickstart your journey to feeling great, looking amazing, and fully embracing life?
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