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Navigating Health Challenges May Feel like a Relentless Cycle of Fear and Frustration, But It Doesn't Have to Remain This Way.

As you enter your 40s and beyond, grappling with newfound health challenges, frustration consumes you.

The person you used to be feels far away, unable to enjoy the things you loved. You're not yourself anymore because you can't do what you once could. Answers seem impossible to find, and no matter how hard you try, you're left feeling lost and uncertain.

You have become fearful of what the future may bring. You don't want your declining health to be a burden to others and you worry you might lose the ability to stay active with family and friends

You've received professional advice to improve your diet and exercise routine, but you're feeling lost about what's truly beneficial for your health. Questions swirl in your mind about what foods to choose, how much to eat, and what type of exercise is most effective for you.

You are Hopeful that there is still an opportunity to heal while you reduce pain and  symptoms from your health challenges, and you aren't going to have to do it alone.

When you Enroll in Our Nutrition Coaching Program:

  • You'll obtain personalized guidance tailored to your unique dietary needs, promoting better overall health and well-being.
  • You'll receive expert support to navigate nutritional challenges and develop sustainable habits for long-term health.
  • You'll learn how to optimize your diet to manage weight, improve energy levels, and enhance physical performance.
  • You'll gain knowledge about nutrition to prevent chronic diseases and promote longevity.
  • You'll achieve your nutrition goals faster with professional guidance and support.

If you're determined to tackle your health challenges head-on and say goodbye to the endless frustration and confusion about your nutrition, it's time to take the next step. Click "Book Intro Call Now" and embark on your journey to better health today!
 Start taking charge of your health and fitness with a free consultation 
How Long Will It Take Before I Start To Lose Weight?
If you’re hoping to lose weight quickly, this may not be the program for you. My goal for clients is not to get smaller — it’s to feel more energized, healthy and confident in your own skin. Losing weight is often a secondary outcome that happens after you do the deep work of redefining your relationship with food and your body.

You will start to notice a difference in your mood, energy levels, digestion, skin, hair and more throughout your coaching experience. These changes usually happen after a few weeks and continue to become more noticeable as you stick with your program.
Do You Work With People Who Have Dietary Restrictions?
Absolutely! This is about taking what works for you and guiding you through the process of developing a relationship with food. Vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, paleo… you name it, we can work together.
What If It Doesn’t Work? I’m Tired Of Throwing Away Money On Programs.
We totally understand. We will talk through your anxieties up front, and you’ll know before you sign up whether this is the right program for you. We're very candid about who is right for our program and who isn’t. We want you to feel successful.
Do I Have To Count Calories And Weigh Food With You?
No, you no longer need to feel like food is in control of your life. Our programs help you better understand food in relation to your body so you can make sound decisions about how much you eat and when.
What our customers are saying...
“My diet needed revamping.    I needed a diet that lowered my blood sugar and blood pressure. Frankly, after reading the literature I was unsure of what I should be eating.  Nutrition coaching has provided me with tools to use and a better understanding of the consequences of poor diet.  In 5 months I have substantially lowered my blood sugar and blood pressure allowing me to both eliminate and / or reduce my medications that I have been taking for the last 15 years.”
Lee Rhoades
"Carrie was so great! Very responsive, supportive and just wealth of knowledge of nutrition education.
Over the 6 months I was part of the program I learned so much about fueling my body at the right times and with the RIGHT kind of fuel. This education I received will be with me the rest of my life. Thanks Carrie!"
Rachel Neibaur
"I always thought I had good eating habits, but always suffered from digestive issues until I learned to eat clean and plant based. Now my digestive issues are gone. I also learned several tools to deal with stress. I thought I had tried everything, but Carrie worked with me until we found some tools that worked. I’m much more calm now. These tools also helped in dealing with pain that I’ve suffered for years. I’m very thankful to have had the experience I had with Motivfit as it has greatly improved my life"
Rhonda Dunaway
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Are you ready to say goodbye to endless frustration and confusion about your nutrition?
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