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New Years Resolutions to Build Muscle, Burn Fat, and Increase Energy

Do You Have a New Years Resolutions to Build Muscle, Burn Fat, and Increase Energy?
Here's a 30 Day Plan to Build Muscle, Lose Body Fat, and Gain More Energy

With a brand new year, comes greatly anticipated new beginnings and fresh starts.  The hopes of finally hitting your health and fitness goals are high. You are committed to cutting the strings on the yo-yo dieting and exercise merry-go-round… for good.

Yay for you! But, now what?

How do you go about making positive changes that will really last? How do you actually take the weight off and keep it off? How do you finally compete in that half marathon you’ve had on your goal list for the last 5 years? How do become the health and fitness influence in your family instead of comparing yourself to other all the other forty-somethings on Instagram?

Hint: the answer is NOT doing the same thing you’ve done every other year by setting New Year’s Resolutions.

Resolutions, while seemingly noble are by very definition without action. A resolution is determination and resolve to act. A plan, yet not the action.

You’ve probably set some New Year’s goals in some areas of your life, but have you actually written down purposeful health and fitness action steps rather than just a blanket resolve for 2021?  Pointing to your head and saying “I know what I’m supposed to do because I have it all written down right here” isn’t going to cut it if you actually want to look healthy, be active, and feel strong!  

Here is a different approach to “new year’s resolutions” that may be the missing link to success of years passed. Follow this pattern to set out daily actions for the next 30 days that will launch your 2021 into visible progress toward your goals.

On a sheet of paper, answer the following questions:

What are three small things you want to work on improving in the next 30 days? Examples might be improve hydration, consistent meal planning, and eating mindfully.

What are some daily action steps you can do that will support that? Pick no more than 3 actions for each category. Examples that might support the goals above might be that you’ll drink 4 bottles of filtered water out of your cute new 24 ounce sport bottle each day, spend 15 minutes each night planning your meals or packing lunch for the next day, and you’ll put away the cell phone any time you eat.

On a scale of 1 -10, (10 being very confident and 1 being impossible) how ready, willing and able are you to consistently stick to those actions? If you answer below 9 for any of the actions chosen, create some simpler actions that you have a 9 or 10 confidence in. You want to pick actions that you know you can and will do.

What will help you do the actions? Examples might be finding an accountability partner, signing up for online personal training and nutrition coaching, adding your workouts to your calendar, etc.

What challenges will come up? Anticipating your challenges now will help you work around them when they arise. This is a key step that gets missed with resolutions.

What plans do you need to work through to prepare for these challenges? This is the difference between hitting your goals and giving up on them like you did in the past.

Who else needs to know about your actions? Spouse/family, accountability partner, coach, friends, etc.

Wishing you a strong and healthy start to 2021! If you're ready to have an accountability partner, we are here for you. 

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