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Get Fit. Feel Great.  Live Life to The Fullest.
Over 20 years of proven personal training experience
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Complete solution with individualized exercise, nutrition support, and accountability coaching at Private Training Studio in Maryville
"Transform Your Health: Say Goodbye to Weakness and Pain, Hello to Vitality and Confidence!"

Your body feels like it's betraying you—weak, stiff, and unable to keep up. It's frustrating because the methods you relied on to stay fit are failing you.

Every day, new aches and pains crop up, and your once-strong muscles seem to be melting into flab. Energy is a fleeting visitor, leaving you feeling depleted and unable to enjoy life fully.

You're scared—scared of injury, scared of missing out on the things you love. And underneath it all, there's a deep sense of worry about your health and embarrassment about how you look.

For so long, you've put everyone else's needs before your own, but now you realize you can't be there for others if you're not taking care of yourself. Isn't it time to prioritize your well-being, to reclaim your strength, and to finally start living life on your own terms?


Unlock Your Potential: Feel Amazing, Get Fit, and Embrace Every Moment of Life's Adventure!

Personalized Eating 
Nutrition is not a one size fits all. Personalized eating guides you though foods that make you feel energized and satisfied… not deprived.
Individualized Exercise
Functional fitness helps you for everyday living to Feel strong, flexible, and pain free. Enjoy the freedom to do more of what you love at any age.
Accountability Coaching
Get the support you need  for your fitness and nutrition helping you to stick to your plan while learning the secret to staying motivated

"Take Action Now: Forge Sustainable, Healthy Habits for Results That Truly Last.

Private Training
Providing you personalized exercise, nutrition, and coaching for real, long-term results. Say farewell to big-box gyms and pricey memberships, and welcome private, individualized training at our exclusive and very private boutique style personal training studio in Maryville, TN.
Semi-Private Training
The individualization of personal training with the energy, camaraderie and challenge of small group training. Say goodbye to large overcrowded group fitness classes and welcome small group semi-training with 2-3 people at our boutique style personal training studio.
Nutrition Coaching
Experience personalized nutrition coaching, available in-person or online, for genuine, lasting results. Health challenges can be daunting, but there's hope. Whether it's medical nutrition support, sports nutrition, or weight loss guidance you seek, we're here to help you achieve your goals.
Online Personal Training
Discover the power of customized fitness with our online personal training services.  Embrace tailored exercise plans, personalized nutrition guidance, and expert coaching, all conveniently accessible from anywhere. Achieve real, long-term results while enjoying the flexibility of training your home, office, or vacation destination.

Start Your Health and Fitness Journey at Our Private Training Studio, Exclusively Designed for Your Success.

Intro Call
During this quick, no-pressure 10-minute call, you'll share your health and fitness goals. We'll then review our programs, and if it feels like a good fit, we'll set up an in-person consultation.
At your consultation, we'll explore your health and fitness goals, address any limitations or concerns, and assist you in selecting the program that perfectly aligns with your goals and needs.
Get Fit and Feel Great
We'll kickstart your personalized plan and outline your inspiring 12-week journey designed to ignite your motivation and propel you get moving toward doing more of what you love.
Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching Success Stories
Lee's doctor slashed his oral medication in half and completely removed his insulin. Lee was able to drop his blood sugar by 20% and lowered his blood pressure by 10%. Now, Lee spends his days on the golf course and enjoying activities with his wife instead of worrying about his declining health.
Lee Rhoades
At the age of 51, Carrie helped me to get myself back on track with my workouts and my nutrition plan. Carrie is very well educated about fitness & nutrition. She was able to create workouts around my past injuries, provide me nutritional information to help with the inflammation & thyroid issues I am dealing with."
Janet Jessy
 Dana is a full time single mom, as well as, a  business coach and strategist. "I've dropped 2 pant sizes, shed 20lbs so far and the best part, seeing definition in my arms (something I never had before) and the overall boost in confidence knowing I am making progress in treating my body the way it deserves to be treated." 
  Janet Jessy  
Proudly Certified and Professionally Educated by Leading Health and Fitness Institutions:

Ready to kickstart your journey to fitness, feel amazing, and embrace life to the fullest? Let's get started today!
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