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Fitness and Nutrition Coaching for Hard Working Men and Women in Henderson

Look Healthy. Be Active. Feel Strong.

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If You Don’t Make Time for Your Health Now, You’ll Be Forced to Make Time for Your Illness Later

Aches and pains are creeping in. Feeling flabby and weak. Looking and feeling older than you are.

You let yourself down by letting yourself go. You’re frustrated you’re not active and adventurous.

You’re tired of being tired because you put yourself last. You’re stressed trying to squeeze fitness and nutrition into an already hectic life.

That’s what happens when hard working men and women ignore that there’s more to health than just the number on the scale. You don’t have to be perfect to make progress before it’s too late.


With MOTIVFIT Optimal Health System you will:

Look healthy. Be active. Feel strong.

MOTIVFIT helps hard working men and women look healthy, be active, and feel strong with a holistic coaching program that delivers results.


Individualized Nutrition energizes and helps you look healthy from the inside out.

Customized Fitness based on your needs and level keeps you active and injury free

Mindset Coaching helps you feel strong and create daily habits.

Supportive Community with accountability and camaraderie with others in a positive environment.

MOTIVFIT is the leading health and fitness company for hard working men and women who want to look healthy, be active, and feel strong.

Unlike virtual coaching apps, online personal trainers, or social media sensations with cookie-cutter programs that fail to deliver, MOTIVFIT provides personalized fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching utilizing our 8 Habits to Optimal Health System, designed to overcome years of repetitive failure and create lasting change.

We motivate, inspire, and empower people to live an active and energetic lifestyle regardless of age.

Founded in 2003 by Jeff and Carrie Morgan, husband and wife team, MOTIVFIT has been featured in Your Health Connection and Society 805 magazines and has worked with professional athletes, award-winning doctors in Las Vegas and has transformed the lives of hundreds of Henderson and Las Vegas residents. Simply fill out the short form on your screen to learn how MOTIVFIT can help you!


How to Get Started

3 Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Schedule a Consultation

    Step 1: Schedule a Consultation

    Speak with a MOTIVFIT success coach. Get an assessment and a plan.

  • Step 2: Join the MOTIVFIT Team

    Step 2: Join the MOTIVFIT Team

    Choose the program that best fits your goals and needs.

  • Step 3: Get Strong and Feel Energized

    Step 3: Get Strong and Feel Energized

    Follow your individualized fitness, nutrition, and mindset plan. Live the active and happy life you want.

  • Busy Wife, Mom, and Business Owner

    Busy Wife, Mom, and Business Owner

    “This is an awesome coaching experience with a great support team. I lost over 18 lbs, 9 1/2 inches and 6% body fat in 6 weeks.” - Diana Shillington


Christine Barton

The biggest positive change I have seen is after losing so many pounds and inches, is my self-esteem. I love that fact that I can go shopping now and the clothes fit right off the rack without really even having to try them on. Jeff and Carrie are amazing coaches who really inspire you to push yourself....

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Drew Kaufman

I've been with MOTIVFIT over three years now, and it's been awesome. It's changed my life and I won't stop doing it. I love it! The difference between this workout and any other workout is you're never doing the same thing twice in a year. I've never had the same workout ever within a year....

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Annie McGavern

I feel more confident about my body, because I feel stronger and I'm capable of doing things I could not do before. I look at my body more differently no in the way of strength instead of how thin I am. I have found more balance in my life between strength training, cardio, eating healthy, and sleeping well....

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Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching near Henderson

Fitness and Nutrition Programs

Fitness and Nutrition Coaching is a holistic program that combines science-based nutrition, personalized fitness, and mindset coaching, so you can look healthy, be active and feel strong.

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Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching near Henderson

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Our Online Personal Training service will have you working out remotely with professional coaching and progressive exercise programming using the latest technology in fun and challenging private training workouts.

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Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching near Henderson

Corporate Wellness

Our Corporate Wellness training is a Workplace Wellness Program with personalized nutrition, fitness, and mindset coaching. It's the solution to your employee’s health your company's bottom line.

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