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Small Group Personal Training

henderson personal trainers

motivFIT provides the most elite Henderson personal trainers and small group personal training in Henderson, NV. motivFIT founders, Jeff and Carrie Morgan, have been providing personal training and small group personal training in Henderson, NV for over 10 years. When seeking personal training services, you want Henderson personal trainers that are professional and provide fitness training programs based on science and experience. Read More - Henderson Personal Trainers and Small Group Personal Training

Henderson Sports Performance Training and Athletic Performance

Henderson sports performance training and athletic performance is available to youth, high school, collegiate, recreational, and professional athletes. With our Henderson sports performance training programs, we create highly individualized, integrated training programs that enrich training and enhance athletic performance. motivFIT's sports performance training programs are definitive training programs for fitness and professional athletic performance. Read More - Henderson Sports Performance Training

Nutrition Counseling, Nutritionist,
and Nutrition Coach in Henderson

 holistic nutrition  nutritional coaching

nutritionist and health expert,Carrie Morgan gives you personalized advice, support, and guidance to help you develop healthy eating habits.Whether you are seeking nutrition counseling in Henderson for general nutrition, sports nutrition or holistic nutrition, you'll learn how to take a holistic approach to your food from our nutritionist and nutrition coach in Henderson, NV. Read More - Nutrition Counseling, and Nutritionist, in Henderson.

Holistic - H.I.T. - 30
30 Minutes. 30 Days.

30 Minute Group Personal Training


Fast paced 30-minute High Intensity Interval Training combined with a holistic approach to nutrition is proven to deliver results in strength, stamina, and performance. HOLISTIC H.I.T 30 utilizes lifestyle coaching, holistic nutritional coaching, personal training, accountability, and small group fitness classes.

Register now to join the life-changing program backed by years of research, experience, and results, created by husband & wife trainers, Jeff & Carrie Morgan (NASM Certified). Read more - Holisitc - H.I.T. -30.

Las Vegas Tennis Training &
Athletic Conditioning

Sports Performance

The best way to become a better tennis player isn’t just by playing more tennis – it’s by improving your overall athleticism. Swing harder, get to those difficult shots, and accelerate your game into high gear with motivFIT's Las Vegas tennis and athletic conditioning program. Whether you’re an ATP player who wants to increase your rank on tour, a high school player hoping to make the varsity team, or a young athlete looking to play better in your local league, our Las Vegas tennis training and athletic conditioning program can help you meet your goals. Read More - Las Vegas Tennis Conditioning

Online Fitness and Nutrition

Group Personal Training

Access your online personal trainer and get help with your fitness and nutrition online! Receive expert advice from Certified Personal Trainers and Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach.

Clean Eating Challenge
Learn to Eat Clean with our structured program. Those that follow our program exactly have lost between 10-15 lbs and 10-20 inches over the 6 week challenge period. 100% of those that participate in our clean eating challenge return for several consecutive challenge, because of the results they are getting. Read More - Clean Eating Challenge