MOTIVFIT is the leading therapeutic nutrition coaching company for women with endometriosis to reduce pain, increase energy, and improve fertility

We help you to restore hormonal balance and enhance your body’s ability to heal so you can live a happy, hopeful, and healthy life.


Endometriosis can be a lonely and hopeless battle…

  • You suffer crippling pelvic and back pain
  • You were told that the only treatment is powerful medications and multiple surgeries
  • Your menstrual cycle is irregular, more frequent, heavier, or longer than usual
  • You struggle with exhaustion, PMS, headaches, and depression
  • You are challenged with bowel symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, nausea, and bloating

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During your health and nutrition evaluation, we’ll discuss your diagnosis and symptoms in detail, review our online therapeutic coaching program, and go over the different program options so that you can make a decision on the program that is best for you


I’ve experienced the debilitating physical pain, the heartbreaking infertility, and the social isolation. I’ve endured many disabling surgeries, hormone therapies that made me feel psychotic, intrusive physical exams, and multiple pain medications without lasting results. I know what it feels like to feel hopeless and worthless and sad.

Since 2003, we have not only helped hundreds of women reduce endometrial pain, stabilize hormones, and increase energy, MOTIVFIT co-founder, Carrie Morgan, has overcome her own 35 year battle with endometriosis to experience these life-changing results.

  • Reduce frequency and severity of pain
  • Stabilize hormones to help regulate periods, improve fertility odds, and balance mood
  • Minimize PMS, headaches, IBS, and depression
  • Achieve more productive days and have more energy to do the things you love
  • Reduce visits to the doctor where you are subject to poking and prodding
  • Lessen the need for frequent surgeries, radical hormone therapies, and pain medication
  • Live a happy and hopeful life

Unlike standard treatments such as invasive surgeries, radical hormone therapies, and dangerous pain medications that fail to provide lasting results, MOTIVFIT is the only therapeutic nutrition coaching company that uses the evidence-based Optimal Health System, designed specifically for women with endometriosis to help reduce your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

We empower women with endometriosis to live a happy, hopeful, and healthy life.

The MOTIVFIT Optimal Health System follows a 5S Method:
This step allows you to distinguish between what’s necessary and unnecessary in your day-to-day activities.
Consistently leveraging your strengths to address the thing that’s in the way right now.

Here you will break bigger things down into their component parts and learn the 8 Habits to Optimal Health.


Science-based teaching, coaching, mentorship, and accountability in a winning community using MOTIVFIT’S Phase4 Coaching System


Progression based on skill building, starting with one skill followed by another until you reach the next level


Jaden was told by her doctor that she needed to use nutrition to control her symptoms but didn’t fully understand what the best approach should be. “I was thinking ‘Why me?  I shouldn’t have to worry about what I put in my mouth every second.’” She struggled at mealtimes with friends and didn’t want to feel different than them because of her diagnosis. She was also concerned about the need for medication and the possibility of fertility challenges in the future. After just three months of Therapeutic Nutrition at MOTIVFIT, Jaden was able to improve her hormone balance and reduce the amount of medication she was taking! She was able to learn the foods that made her body feel the best, how those foods effected her hormones, and how stress reduction along with a positive mindset also played a part in her overall health. Doctor visits are no longer a disappointment for Jaden “I was soooo happy when Dr. Burns said she could see the changes in me! She said the nutrition was 70% of my results and the medication was only 30%! It’s the first time leaving the doctor without being devastated!”. She is now hopeful instead of frustrated and says “This is going to change my life forever!”.


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