February 26th, 2020
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Learn How To Boost Your Immune System With MOTIVFIT'S Optimal Health System©

Concerned about getting sick long term and how that might effect your household income?

Are you worried about the health of your family?

Want a stronger immune system so that you can be more active and enjoy what life has to offer? 

You Understand what you should be doing to protect and build a stronger immune system, but not sure How or Why? 

WHAT: Learn what a virus is, so that you can learn how to protect against it.
HOW: Learn HOW to boost your immune system with MOTIVFIT'S Optimal Health System© and fight off viruses when they attack.
WHY: Understand WHY you need to start taking a holistic approach to your health now.
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MOTIVFIT was Founded in 2003 by husband and wife team, Jeff and Carrie Morgan, who specialize in holistic nutrition, fitness, and mindset coaching.

MOTIVFIT has been featured in 'Your Health Connection' and 'Society 805' magazines and has worked with professional athletes, as well as, award-winning doctors in Las Vegas helping thousands of hard working men and women in over 17 years in the community.

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Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, Online Nutrition Coach

After spending several years working as an Emergency Medical Technician in San Diego, CA, Carrie saw firsthand how good health could have prevented the majority of illnesses she treated in her ambulance.

In 2003, Carrie traded emergency medicine for preventative medicine and established herself as local Las Vegas Nutritionist expert specializing in woman's wellness

In 2007, Carrie was recruited by award-winning doctors at A Women’s Place OB / GYN in Henderson, NV to spearhead a program dedicated to educating women about prenatal and postnatal nutrition and exercise. As a Henderson Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, Carrie was the lead Prenatal Las Vegas wellness coach for the Platinum Mommies Program, helping hundreds of women to achieve healthy pregnancies.

As an online nutrition coach, Carrie’s specialties include women’s health, holistic nutrition, and therapeutic nutrition for medical diagnosis.  Carrie has experience working with clients that have been diagnosed with diabetes, PCOS, high blood pressure, anti-inflammatory/autoimmune diseases, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, kidney disease, and endometriosis. Carrie also provides nutritional coaching for weight management, sports performance, and healthy eating.

Carrie is a published author and has written dozens of health and fitness articles.


Performance Enhancement Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Mindset Coach

Jeff attended San Diego State University where he received his Bachelors Of Science in Psychology with an emphasis on Sports Psychology.

In 2003, Jeff started a fitness company with his wife, Carrie, and  they decided to pursue their dream of helping as many people as possible to live a healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise.

Jeff's specialty is Sports Performance and Mindset Coaching and has spent several years coaching athletes from all ages and skill levels. Jeff's coaching background  includes working with juniors, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes.

As a Online Personal Trainer, Online Fitness Coach and Mindset coach, Jeff spends the majority of his time coaching clients on habit control and behavior modification for nutrition, exercise, and sports performance.

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"I realized this week that I am 7 pounds away from leaving the obese category in the BMI chart. That would feel like a huge health victory to achieve.  Whether this happens in the next 3 weeks or not I feel more confident than ever that I will reach this next milestone.  Thanks for your support and help!  How grateful I am to be part of this program and to receive your guidance and care!"


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"Overall I've lost 10 pounds and 19 inches over the first six week period! I can't wait to continue with my program! Thanks for all of the encouragement and words of wisdom over the last six weeks! Hope to continue seeing you all throughout the duration!"


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"I really honestly enjoyed this group and am SO grateful that Kamie asked me to tag along - we made a great team! Christine thank you for all the encouragement!! Jeff and Carrie thank you for doing this, all the advice, and feedback! I am down 11 pounds on the dot and lost a total of 19 inches. "


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