The Cost to Getting Lean, Healthy, and Strong May or May Not Be as Bad as You Think

What is the Price It Takes to Getting Lean, Healthy and Happy?
When we are working with our clients to help them achieve a healthier and more active lifestyle, one of the things that we will always look back on is their reason WHY they started their health journey in the first place.

Having a reason why we do something is like having the gas in the gas tank before you drive somewhere. It’s your fuel.

It could be to live a more active and adventurous life.

It could be to be agile enough to play with the grandkids.

It could be to reduce healthcare costs and healthcare burdens on your family.

Whatever the reason why, it is always something that is more valuable than the monetary investment. There is always a worthwhile investment with any worthwhile endeavor.

Yet, when someone wants to quit on their goals or not even commit to get started, saying that coaching is “too expensive” is an easy out.

Money, or the lack thereof, is rarely the actual reason someone won’t sign up or continue with coaching.

So what is the cost of getting lean, healthy, and active?

Commitment. Time. Accountability. Knowledge. Support. Consistency. Honesty. Vulnerability. Effort. Challenges...

Is coaching worth it if you’re not committed?

Is coaching worth it if you aren’t consistent?

Is coaching worth it if you aren’t willing to put in time and effort and sweat and tears?

No. No. No.

If you’ve ever told yourself that the monetary price of getting healthy is too high, what is the deeper reason you are using to justify with that excuse?

Your decision isn’t so much about the money, (I have a solution for that to follow) but the real decision is answering the real question:

Are you willing to do the grit, the effort, the work required to be consistent and committed?

If the answer is yes, then the money isn’t the issue because the results make it worth it plus we can find a solution for any budget.

Over the past 18 years we have been 100% committed to providing our clients with accountability, knowledge, and support (and many more things all the way down to high fives and hugs) to guarantee your results so that you can live an active and healthy life.

Out of all the things you want to change or do, what is most important to you right now? Why?

The cost: what are you prepared to trade off to get leaner, fitter, and/or healthier right now?

What are you prepared to say "yes" to?

What are you prepared to say "no" to?

Out of all the things you want to accomplish, which do you want to do first?

What will you have to stop doing in order to start engaging with coaching wholeheartedly?

There are no right or wrong answers. Just choices and compromises.

It's your call. You decide.
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