How to Fight Viruses and Build Strong Immune System with MOTIVFIT Henderson

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How to Fight Viruses and Build Strong Immune System with MOTIVFIT Henderson

Three Steps to Fight Viruses and Build a Strong Immune System

After this year, you are all a little more familiar with what a virus is. This is the time of year that we would generally start talking about a virus you are quite familiar with. The flu.

Traditional flu season runs from October through May but generally peaks during the coldest months of winter.

Other respiratory viruses with similar symptoms that peak during the same time are RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) and Rhinovirus, otherwise known as the common cold. Throw in a new coronavirus that your body doesn’t have antibodies for yet and…

‘tis the season to maintain a super strong immune system!

We are always coaching the importance of overall health and well-being in our coaching sessions because, after all, without your health everything else in life falls apart.

Even viruses caught when you’re young such as the chicken pox virus (varicella-zoster) and Epstein Barr virus can lay dormant and reemerge as shingles and chronic fatigue with a weakened immune system when you get older.

So how do you combat the microscopic world of viruses?

I’m glad you asked!

Three Steps to Fight Viruses

  1. Anti-viral diet- Phytonutrients and adaptogen herbs provide the building blocks for a strong immune system while antioxidants diminish the burden on body so it can focus on fighting off foreign invaders. Intermittent fasting is also an old healing strategy that has been shown to help rid the body of infection. (Fun fact: Your body does this naturally by decreasing your appetite when you’re sick.)
  2. Get outside- movement helps the lymphatic system flush viruses from the system, fresh air strengthens and purifies lungs, and exercise increases the body’s natural anti-viral capacities.
  3. Sleep- the simplest thing is oft the best. Studies show that adequate sleep allows immune cells to attach to the target invader, helping to eliminate the virus once exposed or reduce the severity of or the infection. Adults need 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night.

In Health,

Carrie Morgan

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