I have made many life changing decisions during my entrepreneurial career and one of those decisions was to expand motivFIT’s geographic footprint by offering online coaching and mentorship across the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom, as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach and founder of Team motivFIT.  Joining Team Beachbody opened so many more doors for me and has allowed me to share my passion for fitness and business ownership all over the world!  Through Team motivFIT, I now mentor and educate fitness professionals, studio owners, and fitness enthusiasts on how to double and triple their income working fewer hours by adding online fitness & nutrition coaching and performance supplementation to your existing fitness business.

SPECIAL NOTE: I am a personal trainer and fitness entrepreneur who knows the ins and outs of adding the Team Beachbody opportunity to existing fitness businesses. I have a very unique expertise and strategic insights. If you are IN fitness already and you want to ADD another revenue stream, I can help tailor Beachbody to YOUR specific business. As a fitness professional, club manager, studio owner or personal trainer, you do not “work” the Beachbody business like traditional network marketing. We aren’t hosting home parties or carrying around a canned presentation to show you. We aren’t asking you to sign up everyone and your brother. There are thousands of successful Team Beachbody Coaches, but not all success translates. If you are in fitness, you should strongly consider working with a team that talks the same talk and walks the same walk.

I can help you strategize the best way to introduce Shakeology meal replacement into your client base, boot camps and facility. I can show you how to add on-line training to your existing business. I can show you how to invite your team/staff (if you have one) on board in a way that benefits them and the company. It’s not a simple formula, you don’t just sign up as a coach and go.  On Team motivFIT, we offer specific training just for fitness professionals, including marketing systems, and one-on-one coaching and a 30-days of group coaching. You work with other people like yourself.

Who Do I Work With?

Although I would love to work with anyone who is positive and passionate about fitness, I have narrowed my focus and my niche to personally sponsoring people into the business who are already in fitness as a career. I have amassed a lot of specialty knowledge about adding Beachbody to a personal training career, training studio, health club, or boot camp business. Time is our most valuable gift and I share it with those who fit my life and I fit theirs.

If you would like to consider a position on Team motivFIT, fill out this short form and let’s connect. I consider just 2 to 3 people per month to work with. I am committed to mentoring and will not overwhelm my schedule with more people than I can personally help. After spending time talking to one another, we’ll know if it’s a good fit and together we’ll change lives!