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 Online Fitness, Nutrition, and Life Coaching


Carrie Morgan saw firsthand, as an EMT in the back of an ambulance, the consequences of poor food choices and lack of exercise.  All of those patients treated had a preventable disease and Carrie knew she could encourage people around her to take control of their health.

Jeff Morgan knew many people who used to be active in sports at a young age, but then view workouts as a chore later in life. Jeff knew that he could help them want to exercise again on a regular basis.

So, motivFIT became a quest for this husband and wife to improve the health and fitness levels of every single person they come in contact with: Their goal is simple; To motivate you to enjoy a healthy life again through their online fitness, nutrition and life coaching  support & accountability programs.

Jeff and Carrie founded motivFIT in Las Vegas in 2003.